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Start of game

Coin Toss determies Posseisson. Punts start 1st & 2nd half. Ball is kicked from teams’ own 10 yard line Teams alternate sides and possessions at start of each half.

Possession starts at 10-yard line
4 downs for first down - 30-yard line
4 downs for first down - 10-yard line
2 downs inside 10 yard line, starting with 3rd and goal.

A Turnover inside opponents 10-yard line will ber spotted on Offensive teams 10-yard line.

League games - Two 18-Min. halves
Tournamnets - Two 15-Min. halves

What stops the clock?

First Half - Timeouts & scores under a minute ONLY and resumes on the snap after the conversion.

Second Half - “Official Clock” is in effect in the LAST MINUTE of the second half if the score is within 16 points.

“OFFICIAL CLOCK” will stop for:

- Incomplete passes,
- Out of bounds,
- Extra point attempts,
- Defensive penalties (except offsides),
- Sacks,
- 5-second fouls,
- Changes of possession.

The clock will stop until the ball is set for:
- First downs,
- Defensive offsides, and
-ALL offensive penalties

PUNTS are untimed downs in the last minute of BOTH halves.

Change of possession - Teams must wait for the Official to restart play before they snap the ball.

Time-Outs - 2 per half
Timeouts not allowed with 21 point lead or more in the second half.


TD= 6 pts.
Extra Points - 5 Yards = 1pts
10 Yards = 2pts

Extra Points Ints returned = 2 pts

Defensive hold on Extra Point
Interception = Automatic 2pts for defensive team

What is considered a catch?

Possession of a catch is when a player controls the ball while touching one or both feet, or any body part other than his hand(s) to the ground inbounds.

Inbounds is determined by the lines and/or field cones


Both Teams have 2 plays to score from 10 yard line. Teams must always go for the win on extra point attempts in Overtime.

OT is untimed. Play clock is in effect

Spotting of THe Ball

The balls forward progress is measured at the farthest advancement of the BODY OR BALL when flag is pulled.

Is a player on the ground
automaticlly down?

NO, player must be touched while on the ground to stop forward progress.

Taking -a- Knee
Will not stop the clock

Is Intentional-Grounding

YES, Ball must reach the LOS in or out of bounds t be legal.

What happens on an
inadvertanet whistle?

Offense has the option to either replay the down or to take the play at the point the whistle was blown.

What if inadvertant whistle occurs during an INT?

Ball will be marked at the spot where the whistle was blown.

Are ALL players eligible catch the ball?

YES, However like ALL catches they must be made across the LOS. Either the ball or players’ body must be across LOS.

If the QB catches a batted pass behind the LOS the QB has the option to either run or pass.

How long does the QB have to throw the ball?

5 seconds The timer starts at the snap of ball.

The ball must be completely out of the QB’s hand or 5 yard penalty will be assessed.

Can the QB catch a batted ball?

YES, and he has the option to run or throw with no 5 second clock . Throws must be made behind the LOS.

Do players need to check in with Official on Substitutions?

NO, but players must be in the field of play before the snap and have entered from their team’s common sideline. Only 5 players are allowed to break the huddle, 6 or more will result in a 5-yard penalty and replay of down.

Substitutions can only be made if the same ball from the previous snap is used.


There are NO formation restrictions.

Does the center need to snap the ball between his legs?

YES, Quarterback must receive the ball directly from between the centers legs.

Wild/muffed snaps are dead and spotted where the ball first hit the ground.

Are Double-Passes allowed?

YES, Double passes are allowed behind the line of scrimmage, and are subject to the 5 second rule. The initial pass MUST GO BACKWARDS.
Dropped double passes are blown dead and spotted where the ball is dropped.

NOTE: Once the initail backward pass is made the 5 yard rush rule is no longer in effect and player can rush from anywhere on the field.

Are handoffs legal?

YES, However they cannot be
advanced only thrown and are subject to 5 Second rule .

Are Downfield-Laterals legal?

YES, after catching the ball players get 1 lateral. The ball must travel behind the progress of the initial receiver. Dropped laterals are spotted where the ball lands or at the spot of the initial receiver, whichever nets the least yardage. A lateral dropped into the end zone results in a safety.

What is Flag-Guarding?

Players using their body, hands, arms or ball to impede a players ability to pull the flag. In addition, the ball carrier cannot lower his head or shoulders to charge through the opponent. An offensive ball carrier must attempt to avoid the defender and cannot collide with a defender to take him out of play. Flag guarding carriers a 5-yard penalty.

A QB flag guard in the end zone results in a safety.

Blocking Video link

Blocking must always be done with extended arms and open hands.
Absolutely no blocking is allowed below the waist or above the shoulders. Blocker and rusher must always keep their hands off the opposition’s face,head or neck.

Blocking rusher from behind is not allowed (unless contact is maintained when rusher spins) Once contact is lost there is no blocking to the back. No holding. It is illegal to cross the line of scrimmage to block.

5 yard penalty will be assessed on all these infractions.

What’s Impeding-the-Rusher?

Offense player cannot get in the way of the defensive rusher, they must avoid the rusher. once they cross the LOS. This carries a 5-yard penalty.
Offensive players must do all blocking behind the line of scrimmage.


Punts start 1st & 2nd half. Ball is kicked from teams’ own 10 yard line. If they declare a punt during an offensive possession the ball is punted from LOS. Punts must take place from the middle of the field.

3 Players on the recieveing team
5 Players on the kicking team



One initial bump at the LOS ONLY!
Offensive player does not have to cross the LOS to be bumped,
however defender cannot cross LOS to initiate the bump.

If the the DB disengages from the WR after initial bumb the DB may not re-engage at anytime

Can the center be bumped?

YES, but only once the center crosses the LOS. This is to protect the center who is in a vulnerable position with his/her head down.


Whats the differnce between Illegal-contact and pass interference?

Illegal contact is any contact deemed not incidental by the official before the ball is thrown.

Pass Interference is any contact not deemed not incidental by the official after the ball is thrown. This penalty is a spot foul.

Pass Interfernce = Automatic 1st
Illegal Contact = 5 Yard Penalty

Face guarding by defense is illegal
Defender must look back for the ball if he puts his arms up. In the case of a tipped ball, defender must play the ball, NOT the player.

Is Stripping Allowed?

NO, Stripping is a 5 yard penalty.

If player is attempting to catch a ball in the air can the defender push them out?

NO, should they do so it is the official will use discretion to determine if offensive player would have landed in bounds or out.


Defensive rusher(s) must start rush five yards from line of scrimmage
If rusher jumps offside, then goes back behind rush mark, he may still rush. Rusher must go for the QBs flags or straight up to block the pass. There is absolutely no knocking the ball out of the QB’s hands.

How many players can rush?

There is no limit.

What is bull rushing? Is it

NO, Rusher can not drive directly through the blocker. Think Charge/Block in basketball.

What is considered Roughing-the-Passer?

When the passer is hit BEFORE, DURING or AFTER a pass. Excessive contact to the body is a penalty.
Some contact is allowed if the defender is going for the flag and contact is ruled incidental by the official.

This is a 10-yard penalty and is tacked on to the end of the play.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

10-yard penalty + automatic 1st and added to the end of the play. Includes unnecessary roughness, trash talking, and verbal abuse. This rule is at made at the
Official’s discretion. Two unportsmanlike penalties will reslut in automatic ejection and possible suspension.


Anyone throwing a punch or fighting will automatically be thrown out of the game with suspension to be determoned by GT staff.


If offensive player(s) line up offside, it is a dead ball play. If defensive player lines up offside, it is a live ball play.

What is Illegal-Motion?

Any Forward motion during the snap of the ball. Players and LOS markers must be set before the ball is snapped. Only one player can go in motion on any given play.

Are offensive Picks illegal?

Yes. This call is made at the Officials discretion

What is the Last-Man-Rule?

If a defensive player tackles, pushes, or holds in an effort to stop the offensive player from scoring and there is no defender between the ball carrier and the goal line the offense will be awarded a touchdown.

Can defense recover Fumbles or muffed snaps?

NO, both are dead at the point of fumble, and cannot be advanced.


Womens Rules


3 plays to score in the red zone.
(inside the 10)


Qb can run once every new
set of downs.

No Run Zone

Qb cannot run in the red zone.
(inside the 10)

Bump Rule

Defensive backs cannot bump in the womens division.